Who are we?


The International Bushcraft Instructors Association ensures that members of the public take part in safe Bushcraft activities. This is achieved by providing our members with a robust and evolving assessment program that requires reassessment every 3 years.

Assessments have been ratified by experienced Bushcraft Instructors and are reviewed on a constant basis.



Many people that provide instructional courses do so after gaining vast amounts knowledge from many different avenues, they may be ex-service personnel, Scouts or possibly someone that has gained knowledge through years of practice.


Many instructors think that an apprenticeship type learning process is the best option to become an instructor, just as in years gone by where the skills have been passed down from father to son, they feel this to may be the best option for Bushcraft Instructors to gain the necessary experience.


However, in today’s litigious society all instructors should have at least 3rd party insurance to cover ourselves in case of a lawsuit.




So how do you prove to insurers that you have the required skills to competently teach to others without paying to be taught what you already know? Can you get a lower insurance premium by being a part of an organization such as this? Well we are in talks with some brokers to find out if membership would mean a more favorable premium and will inform people when we find out.


The International Bushcraft Instructors Association (TIBIA), in conjunction with several experienced Bushcraft Instructors have come up with an assessment that allows you to say that what you deliver is done so in a safe and sound manner with the public and the environments best interest at heart.


Once you have completed your assessment you will:

•Have access to documents such as good working practice and risk assessments and

•You will be listed on our website as a competent instructor and

•you can place our logo on your website, Facebook page and all other social media sites and business

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