How to become a



How to become a member

The International Bushcraft Instructors Association is a Not-For-Profit organization with all funds going to the furtherance of TIBIA.


Membership fee structure

Associate member For those wishing to be member and are going through or waiting for the assessment process. Cost: £5.00

Full member All members start as an associate member and once you have passed your assessment you will be required to pay the remittance of £5.00.

Cost: £10.00

The cost for your assessment is £75.00 plus travel costs for the assessor.


Please contact for details

Benefits of being a member

We are currently talking to several companies that supply equipment in order to provide purchasing benefits for our members but also with insurance brokers to ascertain the feasibility of reducing premiums.

• Have access to documents such as good working practice and risk assessments and

• You will be listed on our website as a competent instructor and

• You can place our logo on your website, Facebook page and all other social media sites and business

Members logo for your website and all social media

Please note that all of our assessors are volunteers and must have passed an assessment.

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